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Water ShoesWater shoes, sometimes called aqua shoes or aqua socks, are a great option if you can not plan to be barefoot to the Atlantis water park rides. The footwear are designed to be worn in water, and wrap excessive of your feet so they won't disappear over a water slide. They're also designed with traction at the base, that can help you walk on the bottom of the pool. Other ShoesNo clothing with buckles or metal is allowed to the Atlantis water rides. As you move the likes and dislikes tend not to explicitly declare that footwear is unacceptable, when you have any metal detailing on the shoes make sure you assume they won't be permitted to the ride. As all jewelry and accessories must be removed just before riding Atlantis attractions, shoes that easily disappear like sandals should also be considered against the rules. Moreover, the Dubai water park reserves the ability to require you to remove anything the management thinks is inappropriate.

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